Last Updated: 2018-07-03
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By Carlos Camacho

MEXICO CITY, July 3 (NNN-EFE)--The 15th largest economy in the world, will see relations with hyperinflation-addled Venezuela improve under the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s left-wing President-elect, said Venezuelan government officials on Monday.

A former Mexico City mayor formerly affiliated with the PRI -- the Institutional Revolutionary Party that has mostly dominated Mexican politics since the Mexican Revolution in 1910 -- AMLO, as Mexican media calls him, was running for President for the third time on Sunday, winning handily after two resounding defeats in the previous decade.

Venezuela’s embattled head of state Nicolas Maduro was amongst the first to congratulate AMLO, only minutes after U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted his congratulations.

Relationships between Maduro and outgoing Mexican President Pena Nieto were notoriously tense, to the point Mexico founded and spearheaded the “Grupo de Lima” of 12-plus nations, a regional bloc devoted to unseating Maduro democratically.

“Mexico gave yesterday a demonstration of civility in Mexico, in spite of all the campaigns, a result was obtained that is hopeful for the peoples of the world,” said Diosdado Cabello, the president of the Constituent Assembly, a government-controlled legislative abomination that Mexico and the vast majority of the international community deems as being fraudulent. “The free peoples of the Americas are sending a hard-hitting message!”

Cabello was quick to take AMLO’s Sunday night message of no intervention in the internal matters of other countries as a sign that the pressure the international community is exerting on the Maduro regime -- sanctioned by more than 30 countries worldwide, including the European Union, Canada and the U.S. -- was going to end soon.

“We hope that with the new government a more transparent relationship begins. More direct. Much more direct, if we hear the message of President Lopez Obrador, it is hopeful when he says his foreign policy will be one of no intervention in the internal affairs of the rest of the countries, for Venezuela that alone is enough,” said Cabello.

“Los pueblos del mundo”, peoples of the world, is chavista parlance for Third World countries ruled by left-wing regimes.
Cabello, who is also the Vice President of Maduro’s ruling PSUV party, said leftist AMLO’s winning results had been “overwhelming.” And again talking about “los pueblos”, Cabello noted that the Mexican leftwinger’s win had taken place at about the same time U.S. Vice President Mike Pence was touring Latin America in an effort, he said, to “intimidate the peoples.”

AMLO’s election comes less than two weeks after Maduro looked, from an international standpoint, more cornered than ever before, when right-wing candidate Ivan Duque was elected President of neighbouring Colombia June 17th.

Duque has promised to double the already significant efforts of his predecessor, Juan Manuel Santos, to oust Maduro and has met with Venezuelan opposition leaders such as Antonio Ledezma to discuss the matter.--NNN-EFE